Galactic Architect


Your creation empowerement tool for your 

future Human Beingness


Kin 51 - [ Tone 12 Seal 11 ] -



Blue Crystal Monkey

Dedicate in order to Play
Universalizing Illusion

I seal the Process of Magic
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
I am guided by the power of Abundance

I am a Galactic Activation Portal... enter me



Since my childhood i have been working with Energy creatures and magic. 

Art of Ascension is a physical manifestation of them and i will be using them in many projects as Spirited, Galactic Architect, Art of Ascension and my new project, Ascend, The Dark Crystal. 

Romy Helsloot AKA Galactic Architect has been a close family member of Spirited Records Global.

Spirited Records™ as an official label DJ. Through label manager of Spirited Records Europe™


Love & MoonLight